All prices are approximate. Please call the shop for exact details
AEM Infinity$1000
AEM v1/v2 Forced Injection or ITBs$1000
AEM v1/v2 Naturally Aspirated$1000
APEXi Power FC Naturally Aspirated$500
Baseline AWD$140
Baseline FWD/RWD$140
Cobb (BMW, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan GTR, Subaru, VW)$650
ECUFlash (Mitsubishi Evolution/Subaru)$500
Flex Fuel on AEM Systems$250
Hondata KPRO Forced Induction or ITBs$750
Hondata KPRO Naturally Aspirated$600
Hondata s300 Forced Induction or ITBs$550
Hondata s300 Naturally Aspirated$500
HP Tuners$600 + licensing (as required)
PEXi Power FC Forced Induction$650
SCT (Chrysler and GM up to 2011, Ford Mustang up to 2008)$550 + licensing
SCT forced induction$650 + licensing
Tuning per hour$200 first hour, $150 thereafter
Uprev (includes license)$950
Uprev (licensed prior)$600